C4B - Cloud-Based SMS

Anirona C4B Cloud-Based SMS is a school management system automating the operations of a school. It manages tasks and activities related to the school.

It intends to manage complete school information from one place. It consists of all the academic information and has an integrated grading system for all the students.

It has a class online registration system which students can register classes online and an integrated account management system which consists of all the information related to accounts.

A Revolutionary Solution to Run your School

Our Cloud-Based SMS can help you run your school in the most competitive way by providing the following features:

  • Role-based logins.
  • Fee Management System.
  • Attendance and Leave Management.
  • Payroll Management.
  • Parents online interface.
  • Class Management.
  • Student Management.
  • Teacher/Staff Management
  • Exam Management
  • Account Management
  • Library Management
  • User Management and many more